Star Wars Troopers Add-on for Minecraft

From Star Wars to Minecraft, I present to you clone troopers and stormtroopers ready to invade your world! They will bring action and war to your world in an never-ending quest for victory.

Light Side / Dark Side

ATTENTION! Blasters and Grenades do not work yet and the troopers all spawn naturally except for the BARC Trooper, Heavy Trooper, and Ahsoka Trooper. Some of the AI is also outdated and WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY. The Light Side and Dark Side fight each other, too.

I forgot to put in the DC-15A…


  • EMP Launcher, dropped from Rocket Troopers
  • EC-17, dropped from Scout Troopers
  • E-11, dropped from Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers
  • DC-17, dropped from ARC Troopers
  • Thermal Detonator, dropped from Heavy Troopers
  • DC-15A, dropped from Clone Troopers, Ahsoka Troopers, and BARC Troopers

Light Side

ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) Troopers are elite clone troopers, uses a DC-17 to fight.

BARC (Bikers Advanced Recon Commandos) Troopers are clone troopers best for BARC Speeders, fights with a DC-15A.

Heavy Troopers are strong troopers specializing in explosives, uses Thermal Detonators against their enemies.

Clone Troopers are basic troopers who fight like the best of the best, uses DC-15A against their enemies.

Rocket Troopers are troopers they’ll engage enemies from the air with their EMP Launchers.

ARC Troopers actually have two variants, one colored like the 501st and one colored like Captain Fordo. They have the same abilities, though.

Dark Side

Ahsoka Troopers are 501st troopers under Ahsoka who fell to Order 66, uses DC-15A against their enemies.

Scout Troopers are Imperial units who fight best on speeder in the forest, uses DC-15 against their enemies.

Snowtroopers are Imperial units deployed to cold worlds, uses E-11 against their enemies.

Stormtroopers are basic Imperial units deployed anywhere they need to be, uses E-11 against their enemies.

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