Droids Add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock

With this add-on, you can bring your favorite droids from Star Wars to Minecraft. Enjoy!


GNK Droid is a droid that can store your items. It likes to wander around but cannot jump and will take damage in water. The best part of this droid is its signature “gonk”.

MSE-6 Droid is a small droid that resembles a mouse. It will pick up and store ores. A group of these droids will follow each other in a train.

BB-8 is a cunning Resistance astromech droid. He will attack any monster or dark-sided droid.

BX-Series Commando Droid is an elite Separatist droid. He will attack any light-sided droid or player with his vibroblade.

B-1 Battle Droid is a standard Separatist droid. He will blast away (with fireball) any light-sided droid or player.

FX-7 Droid is a medical droid. He will heal any player in range.

K2SO is a reprogrammed Imperial droid. He will attack any dark-sided droid or monster.

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