LAAT Add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock

Low Altitude Assault Transport

Introducing the long overdue LAAT!

Just some backstory: I started working on the LAAT Add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition sometime in 2020. I kept trying to perfect the model and mechanics and never got. So, I’ve decided to just pack it and publish it as is.

Also check out this video:


  • Flying with controls!
  • Fast!
  • Doesn’t take fall damage!
  • Looks badass!
  • Breaks foliage!

Last but not least,

The LAAT can transport troopers and even other players! Players can fly by and shoot with a bow and arrow. Troopers can also shoot back with their blasters!

It has some quirks that I haven’t figured out yet. If you don’t fly it, it’ll just drop (you can say it’s just landing)! It can go up really fast but can’t go low fast at all. LAAT can’t shoot yet…

Some stats:

  • Has 50 hearts
  • Can transport 8 players or troopers
  • 0 fall damage

Currently, there is only a Creative Mode spawn egg and you can’t get the LAAT in Survival Mode.